Tara Jepsen

Black Line

Name: Tara Jepsen
Hometown: Green Bay, Wisconsin

Tara Jepsen started skateboarding at the age of 36. She’s also a writer and comedian by day among all of her other trades when she’s not out ripping bowls and pools. You can view Tara’s works @ http://www.tarajepsen.com.

“I would always tell people that I’d started skating and they’d be like oh I’d love to do that but you know I can’t. I don’t want to fall. I was like then you shouldn’t because you will fall. You have to be willing but it is so entirely worth it the risks and the bruises are entirely worth it. But you tell people that and they think that you most be somewhat mentally ill instead of like a reasonably intelligent person who despite that chooses to do it anyway. Like you have to consider there must be a reason someone as elderly as I would choose to do that.”

Tara Jepsen Pool Skating (Photo By Patricia Fung)

Tara Jepsen Drop In (Photo By Patricia Fung)

Tara Jepsen(Photographs and sound piece produced by Patricia Fung 2013)

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