[On the Road] Borrego Springs // CA

Location: Borrego Springs Skatepark at the Boys and Girls Club
Address: 633 Cahuilla Road, Borrego Springs, California
Story Background: In June 2011 the non-profit organization, Skate Like A Girl San Francisco (SLAG SF), hit the road for a week-long skateboarding tour down to San Diego county and back. With a loaded Kia van of boards, sleeping bags, clinic gear, and baked goods from Arizmendi Bakery, the six riders on the trip skated seventeen spots in seven days. Day 2 of the tour was spent at the Boys and Girls’ Club in Borrego Springs, California where SLAG SF held an evening girls’ skateboarding clinic as the sunset brought cooler temperatures to the desert. Here are what some of the participants had to say about the clinic and about skateboarding in Borrego Springs, California.

Name: Emma
Hometown: Salton Sea, California
“When I first came in here it was like me seeing everyone skateboarding and I wish I could skateboard too and now when you guys came I can skateboard now so like I can probably come in the skatepark everyday and skate.”

Name: Taylor
Hometown: Borrego Springs, California
“Today’s clinic was fun because I got to hang out with my friends and maybe learn 10 different tricks like ollieing and carving.”

Name: Sarah
Hometown: Borrego Springs, California
“I love skating because you can release any emotion you have into it. You can forget about anything that’s happened that day or any problems you’ve had and just have fun with it.”

(Photographs and sound pieces by Patricia Fung 2012)


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