[Sound Portrait] Marcus Benjamin

Name: Marcus “Dirty” Benjamin
Hometown: Crystal Falls, Michigan
Location: Skatopia. Rutland, Ohio.

“Top three rules for hitch hiking is pack light. If you come to a dangerous situation just leave. If you don’t want to get in a car with someone don’t get in a car with them, and be adventurous. You gotta be trusting of people for them to be trusting of you.”

The backstory: We met Marc while traveling across country on a summer skateboarding tour. One of our destinations was Skatopia out in Rutland, Ohio. We had to check that place out. When we pulled up, Marc was the first person to greet us. He showed us around and gave us the tour of the place. We skated with him throughout our time there. This interview was conducted right outside his tent and you can hear the sounds of the birds and other visitors pulling up in the background.

(Photographs and sound piece produced by Patricia Fung 2012)


One Comment Add yours

  1. Hannah & Emily says:

    Marcus is such an amazing guy! We are so glad to have met him 🙂 love Amos too

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